Real Time Ultrasound

At Northbridge Physiotherapy we offer real time ultrasound assessment of the stabilising muscles of the lumbar spine. These muscles are commonly referred to as your ‘core’ and include transverse abdominus (the deepest muscle in the abdominal group), multifidus (a lower back muscle) and the pelvic floor. Studies have shown that with lower back injuries or chronic lower back pain, the activation of transverse abdominus, multifidus and the pelvic floor may become inhibited. Without specific strengthening exercises to reactivate these muscles, recovery from injury may be poor and lead to the development of recurrent lower back pain.

Real time ultrasound uses sound waves that are transmitted through the skin via conductive gel to create a visual image on a screen. This visual feedback is used to assess and retrain the stabilising muscles of the lower back. It is also helpful in addressing pelvic floor muscle dysfunction before and after pregnancy. Studies have shown that gender health issues such as incontinence and urgency are directly related to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Real time ultrasound imaging allows the physiotherapist to effectively retrain the pelvic floor without the need for an internal exam.

So how do you book in for a real time ultrasound session?

No medical referral is required for a physiotherapist to assess and treat your pelvic floor or stabilising muscles of the lumbar spine with real time ultrasound. We recommend however, that you ensure you have a full bladder (drink 1-2L one hour prior to your appointment) if your pelvic floor is to be assessed.
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