Laminar Flow Hydrotherapy

Water therapy allows you to see the “Ability not the Disability”!
Northbridge Physiotherapy was the first practice in Perth to install a Swimex Laminar Flow hydrotherapy pool (only 6 Australia wide!). This is a complete isokinetic form of aquatic therapy.

The heated pool’s controlled-speed water current allows patients to swim continuously in a ‘static’ setting and to exercise in moving water. The pool is equipped with depth adjustments, workstations, controllable speed water current and observation windows.

The resistance and propriception provided by the heated moving water stimulates muscle contraction patterns, making this form of aquatic therapy an excellent tool for treatment of low back pain, neck pain, as well as for the complete range of orthopaedic conditions including joint replacements and reconstructions.

As the current can be progressed from gentle to vigorous, it is suitable for athletes as well as the elderly and can be used from early post-operative treatment to the final stages of athletic conditioning as well as cross-training for injured athletes. Observation windows enable poor movement patterns and instabilities to be identified and corrected.

Multiple depths and work-stations offer diversity which other pools do not. The water flow extends smoothly and evenly across the exercise area and its laminar flow resistance extends for almost 1metre below the surface. Total body applications can be achieved and the current flow can be used to resist or assist movements, depending on the requirements.
405 Not Allowed

405 Not Allowed